SureLock™ All-Suture Anchor

SureLock™ All-Suture Anchor

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Inserter-Controlled Deployment Method Solves the Mystery of Anchor Displacement

Cayenne Medical’s NEW SureLock™ All-Suture Anchor provides strong, reproducible fixation through an innovative deployment method to keep the creep out of your all-suture fixation.

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Novel Inserter-Controlled Deployment Method

Eliminates manual tensioning that can lead to partial deployment or anchor pull-out
Provides consistent anchor delivery beneath the cortex

Single and Double Loaded Anchors
1.4mm single loaded anchor
2.2mm double loaded anchor
48% Less Creep than Competitive All-Suture Anchors

SureLock™ Cyclic Testing Results Showed:

42% less creep than Juggerknot & ICONIX*
48% less creep than Y-Knot*
Strong, Reliable Repair

322N of pull-out strength for the 1.4mm anchor*
472N of pull-out strength for the 2.2mm anchor*
Smaller footprint for minimal bone removal

Curved and straight drill guides
Ensures easy tear access for precise anchor placement
High strength UHMWPE suture
Allows for smooth suture sliding and knot tying

Predictable Fixation. Mystery Solved.

Intended Use
The Cayenne Medical, Inc. SureLock™ All-Suture Anchors are intended to be used for the reattachment of soft tissue to bone for the following indications: Shoulder, Foot and Ankle, Elbow, Hand and Wrist, Hip, Knee.

*Data upon request

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